The Lady Claudia Christine Wraithley, Paladin of Avandra, Knight Adamant Of The Order Of The Shield Of The Weak, Baroness of the Iron Quarter, Companion of The Hunt, Elf Friend, Hero of Elan, Member of the Silk Glove and Scion of the House of Lyon - Moonblade Wielder and Demon Slayer.

Claudia was a Dragonborn Paladin of Avandra, and a member of the-silk-glove. Female, with a rare and becoming metallic purple sheen to her scales, Claudia joined the band on their mission to High Keep. She quickly came to have an interest in the erstwhile leader of the group, fellow Dragonborn Puff, but alas for poor Claudia Puff's tastes lay … elsewhere. Nevertheless, Claudia retained a strong loyalty to the group and Puff in particular.

Claudia was a crucial element in The Silk Glove's campaign of resistance and eventual defeat of the Hanorian invasion of Fortuna. Along the way, her faith in Avandra sustained her as they group battled the Hanorians and their Devil Bound animae. It was also a comfort to her as she witnessed the depths of human depravity in the form of the actions of the pirates supporting the Hanorians - particularly those crewing The Scalpel under Captain Dann Chiral. Appalled by their cruelty and casual use of enslavement, it was finally their monstrous treatment of Livia Blackstock that turned her horror to an implacable hatred of pirates and piracy.

Accompanying Puff when he was charged by House Lions with venturing to Hanoria to investigate the reasons behind the recent invasion and to determine if a threat still existed, her further encounters with pirates only strengthened her hatred of them.

Upon reaching Hanoria, they were joined by a Druid, Salix. Like Claudia, Salix was horrified by the Hanorian addiction to the use of undead slaves. Worse yet than the fact that they used undead as slaves and servants was the fact that they were created by murdering the living to ensure a continuing supply. Yet even this paled in comparison with the horror of the later discoveriy that Hanorian society had been infected by a madness that lead them to embrace a deathless existence as undying "Thresholders". Their souls bound to their bodies whatever the damage it sustained, with only the costly and rare intervention of the Immortals who originally bestowed the 'gift' of this wearying unlife to keep their bodies functioning, the depths of people's error in entering this most diabolical of Faustian pacts was soon apparent. Unable to die no matter how their bodies were damaged or simply wore out, death became the unattainable dream for most.

Determining to seek out the power behind this monstrous plague, the heroes encountered Sir Carlos, an untainted Paladin of Bahamut who eventually lead them to recover Moonblade - a Holy Avenger which proved to have the power to sever the ties holding the soul to a Thresholder's body. Using Moonblade, Claudia freed many Thresholders from their damned state before the heroes were forced to flee an Immortal force apparently sent to retrieve Moonblade.

Continuing their search for the power behind the Immortals, the heroes finally discovered that the power was ultimately coming from Orcus - Demon Prince of the Undead. Of course, this power was not a free gift. The demon's plan was to use the greed and arrogance of a leader of the Hanorian church to exploit a loophole in the Settlement of Caratia to gain access to the mortal realm and extend his rule to the worlds of man.

Despite their best efforts, the heroes were unable to prevent Orcus from entering the world through the Westgate Cathedral in Caratia. Drawing all the undead of the realm to him at Caratia, Orcus had defeated an opportunistic attack by Juiblex just as the heroes arrived. Failing in their attempt to close the gate by deconsecrating the Cathedral, they joined forces with an expeditionary force from New Eden to try and defeat the Demon Prince by a daring plan to trap and kill him on the mortal realm - closing the Gate to Hell by revoking a modified form of the Settlement that recognised Salix as representative of the land itself. Joining battle with the Demon and his undead legions, things did not go well as the legions, backed by the power of Orcus's wand, dealt wholesale death amongst the New Eden forces despite the valiant efforts of Puff in bestowing his tactical and morale boosting powers.

Finally managing to join battle personally with the Demon Prince, Claudia attempted to use the power of Moonblade to slay the foul creature. The battle between them raged wildly. Moonblade's power and the Paladin' faith and skill permitted her to hurt the Prince, but the power of his wand was taking a dreadful toll. Despite her best efforts and the support of Puff and Salix in boosting her defences and healing the dreadful wounds Orcus inflicted, she soon realised that if she was to best him, she would need to make the ultimate sacrifice. Summoning up her last energies, she abandoned defence in favour of a last, desperate gamble. Sensing victory as her defences seemed to crumble, Orcus grabbed Claudia by the throat, only to realise his mistake as the Paladin dragged him close, piercing his heart with the holy blade. The blow was a mortal one, but costly. As his foul black blood gushed forth, running smoking down the sword, the demon toppled forward, crushing the life from the now burn scarred Claudia.

Orcus was dead, forever slain - and the Paladin gone to serve at the right hand of her God. Since then, there have been suggestions of Divine reward, such as the occasional appearance of Avatars of Avandra in Dragonborn form. Saving mankind from Orcus's rule as the companions did, it was only to be expected that tales would grow around them and perhaps especially around the faithful Paladin.

Yet for those that knew her, perhaps the most satisfying of these tales is that surrounding the fate of The Scalpel and her pirate crew. It is known that Claudia was only most reluctantly persuaded to put off bringing justice to the degenerate pirates in favour of the greater good of defeating the Hanorians. What is less well known is that some months after the Hanorian defeat - around the time that climactic scenes were taking place on the other side of the world - The Scalpel and her entire crew were consumed by a column of fire that appeared from nowhere. This cleansing fire, with strangely purple tinged flames, utterly destroyed the ship in mere seconds, to the amazement of the crew of the merchant vessel they had been pursuing. It is also said that as the flames roared down, whispered words in Draconic could be heard on the wind : "Blessings of Avandra be upon you. May you get all that you deserve…"

FATE Stats

Fate Points : 7
Social : 9
Physical : 9

Agility 3 Concentration Agile Fighter
Arcana 3
Armour 6 Concentration Chain vs Physical
Diplomacy 5
Divine 6 Benefit Paladin Of Avandra, Concentration Fire
Dungeoneering 3
Endurance 5
Healing 3
History 2
Insight 4
Melee 7 Specialisation Holy Sword
Missile 4
Perception 5
Stealth 3
Survival 4
Thievery 2
Wits 4
Benefit Diehard - 2 Minor, 1 Moderate, 1 Severe
Lucky - +1 on each consequence


Hand of Avandra
Last Man Standing
In Your Face
Freedom Is Choice Sea Legs Moonblade Wielder
Take A Chance
Everyone Goes Home
Kill 'em All, Let Avandra sort 'em Out

Bless (applies aspect to weapon blessed)
Create Food and Water
Cure Blindness
Dispel Magic
Divine Glamour (Charm Person)
Divine Heal : -2 to defence from concentration required
Divine Portal (Teleport)
Divine Step (Dimension Door)
Flame Strike - Ranged flame attack : Divine +1, -3 for multiple targets
Hold Person
Martyr's Step (Teleport, switch places with a threatened foe)
Neutralise Poison
Plane Shift
Prayer (+2 aspect at will)
Protection From Evil
Raise Dead
Remove Curse
Remove Paralysis
Silence 10ft Radius
Speak In Tongues
Summon Minion of Avandra (summon a creature)
True Sight
Walk On Water
Wall of Fire : Divine +1

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