Hubert of Rissenden is a cheerful young man who has shipped out in the merchant fleet since his early teens. He demonstrates an easy mastery of ship-board life, but is much less comfortable when ashore or in the company of his betters.

Hubert hails from a small upcountry village that was devastated by the 'Year of Hard Rains' (when cattle murrain and goblin raiders stalked the land) so, as a younger son who could see little future for himself in those straightened times, he left his ancestral farm, walked to Fortuna and signed on before the mast for a trading cruize to the Old World. Since going down to the sea, he has embarked on perhaps a dozen commissions - both as a seaman (rated able by the age of 15) and latterly as a marine archer, where he customarily works from a sharpshooting post in the fighting top.

His pride and joy is 'Molly' - a finely made and magical longbow with whalebone inlay at the grip and cord-tips that was gifted to him by Captain Marrowfine (of the 'Sea Lizard' sloop) in recognition of his deeds during the cutting out of the 'Pride of Lions' two years ago. When the opportunity presents, he can cause Molly to loose a bolt of intense flames at his foes.

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