Clan Oroan

A small clan of Gnomes made up of the survivors of a mass escape from a Fomorian slave pit on the Feywild. The elder of the Clan is an aging wizard, Viblininrisa's grandfather Dalininisra of the Nose, who was able to steal and utilise an Incisive Dagger and the ritual components to cut open a portal from the pit about a decade ago, opening on the world of men and lead perhaps two score away to relative safety. Its said that the cunning ruse to hide the detritus from the material components of its construction involving string and trousers lead to some of the most astonishing root vegetables.

The past decade has been difficult but the Clan has found a home in the caves and woods near the Dwarven mithril mines, and a living has been made trading with the dwarves and merchants, forging minor magics and potions as well as farming. Times are looking up and the Clan is looking outward for the first time. It's rumoured to those small number who know anything about this small band of little people that there is some resource within the caves that was the compass for the portal and that perhaps explains the Clan's ability to sustain itself. Or perhaps it is their ability to grow the tastiest potatoes, turnips and carrots in the county.

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