The town of Covenant capital of the county of Keepsafe was settled beneath The Remembered Mountain in part to service the monastery, and in part to take some protection from the presence of the warrior monks. The town has over the last seven years began to grow significantly taking advantage of the low draft coastal barges that have begun to trade timber out of the town and up the coast to Fortuna.


The town is about a mile inland from the sea on the River Niniveh the river is tidal and not well suited to deep draught vessels but a canal has recently been built alongside the river that is sufficient to bring half a dozen river vessels up to the timber yards on the eastern reaches of the town.

The town sits on the north bank of the river and a ferry can take visitors to The Remembered Mountain over to the south side where they can climb the thousand stairs to the conical peak and it's martial settlement that domiates the river mouth. It rises above the surrounding water on a fairly significant hill north of which, are fertile fields claimed back from the forestland. However this pasture rapidly gives way to the surrounding dense woodland. Timber is floated into the town from foresters working upriver and the logs captured by a long chain strung between floats across the river brings the wood into the timber yards where it is cut and planed before shipping out to Fortuna.

Administration of the town has fallen to House Galt over the past eight years and this time has seen a continued growth and development of the area. The quiet commercial success has led to new investors beginning to investigate opportunities in the area. Recently there have been a few expeditions into the surrounding lands and talk of a second town being established upriver or on the south side of the river.

Places of Significance

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