Elven Nation

Whilst the race of elves has like all other races been dispersed throughout the world since creation, the Elven Nation refers to those elves indigenous to Great Bear. These elves had lived largely undisturbed for millenia before the migration of the Caratians into Elan. Being a peaceful and civilised race the elves accepted the migrants as a force of nature, and since the lands that they claimed for themselves did not compete with the lands that Elan claimed there was little antagonism.

In recent times, the pressures of civilisation have forced some races away from the fertile valleys and up into the wild forests claimed by the elves. This has created some unrest in the elves as their homeland becomes threatened and they have presented petitions in Fortuna to attempt to preserve some kind of unsettled zone that might ease the pressure on their homeland.

Acting as a kind of capital to the elves, Skyshun can be found in Mountain Vale in the heart of the range of mountains separating Morst from Bidewell.

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