Keep Cellars

Central Storeroom

Access from the hidden passage has been granted through a low tunnel through the fallen masonry. Shored up by rough timbers it will be a squeeze for medium sized characters to enter into this cetral space. It is immediately apparent that this is architecturally separate from the Octagon Catacombs, proportions here indicate that the cellar is purpose built, with doors and walls finished to a higher standard.

The cellars, bearing the weight of the ruined keep above feel far less safe than the catacombs with their lighter load and in several places the ceiling has collapsed. Where struts have been put in place it is to prevent further collapse but it still feels precarious. Emerging from the rubble at the far side of the room is a stairway that is not very visible from the central area, you need to climb up the pile of fallen masonry to really see into it.


The Locked Room

To one side of the central storeroom is a locked door - the studded wood shows some scarring and charring but it has stood unmoved. It is clear that the door has been protected by a Wizard Lock and in small script high above the goblin eyeline a message is scratched.

Mother night, sister sea, speak my name and enter.

The riddle was carved long ago by the room's occupant. Pascal was a warforged wizard mercenary employed by Ketrik along with several others to defend the keep when the Lord's family was secretly spirited away. Of course Keetric knew that the dragon Crucius was coming and effectively sentenced these mercenaries to their death, but several of them escaped into the cellars. However the collapse of the keep entombed them here.

For several days they remained convinced that rescue was imminent but they were forgotten and Pascal knew it. Whilst his fellow mercenaries turned first to canibalism then madness, he secured himself within the room and here he has remained, powered down, for fifty years.

Pascal knew that the other mercenaries could not read and so he set the riddle so that he might be awakened by men of letters at some point in the future. He lies within, as still as death with his soul crystal pulled from his head on the floor beside him.


The mercenaries that remained after Pascal had opted out fell into greater and greater dispair, they had rainwater that dripped through the ruins and some food was stored here but eventually, starving, they turned to canibalism. The final two remain, having spared themselves for so long by consuming their fellows these two brothers finally turned on each other. For the victor, his dreadful hunger for flesh has rendered him into a ghoul, for the other, in his vengeance for the betrayal has become a deathlock wight. Both bicker and within the cells and the bell tower, and they will fight together again if disturbed.

The goblins, having heard the sounds of their anguish locked the door and never entered, maybe that was for the best.

The Bell Tower

At one time an ice room and meat storage area, now the human bones and butchers block tell the horrific story of what passed in ths dreadful place. Amongst the bones however there is collected valuables of the mercenaries died here.

420gp in currency and jewlery
+1 Flame Burst flail
+1 Dwarf crafted scail mail

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