Lower Gate

At one point the keep garrison maintained a strong presence over the lower gate within these chambers. There is still evidence of a significant martial presence with barrels of rusted arrow heads and pots of tar. Now the blueface raiding party have made their home here.



There is evidence that more goblins rest here and if the party arrive in the daytime they may find the skull cleaver and some cutters here, otherwise it will be abandoned.


Running over the top of the chamber below this room has several arrowslits that overlook the gate as well as numerous murder holes looking down onto the wolf pens below. Here is where the skull cleaver and his cutter minions keep watch over the lower gate. These goblins will be drawn up into the Upper Defences if the alarm is raised


Beyond the gates the goblins have penned in a group of dire wolves. Used by the raiders to hunt they also provide a significant defence for the lower gate which is not yet fully repaired - the unhinged boards acting more as a barricade than a door.

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