Octagon Catacombs

The Well Tower

The Tower once provided a home to the well supporting the keep - on the surface the tower fell outwards away from the courtyard and this has left a small area of tiled floor, once within the tower exposed revealling a dark well hole that descends to the foundations below. There is a metal railing that runs down the hole, at one time guiding the well bucket through the corresponding hole in the floor of the foundations below. This is the surface level entrance to the foundations below.

The foundations have become home to a colony of bats, that many of the young lads (including Djin) used to come here to catch. Now though, dark currents from beneath the tower have attracted Shadowhunter Bats to the colony.


The Torch Gate

Originally the entrance to the Octagon Courtyard, the foundations have become home to the insane goblin sharpshooter Craklak and his two pet giant rats. He has constructed a pit trap (DC18 to spot, DC15 to disarm) in the doorway to his den and keeps a rat swarm in the base of it. Searching through the his miserable belongings will reveal a potion bottle with a defaced elven symbol (healing) and about 100gp worth of scrap silver and copper that he has accumulated from the ruins.

The North Tower

This tower overlooked the valley at one time and was also home to the wizard Salman, visir to the lord of the keep. In the basement of the tower he had set up a small chamber with a library and study where he could work without fear of being observed. The room was stripped of almost eveything of value save the bookshelves and a few larger piecesof furniture that still remain. Salman rarely passed through the door into the Octagon catacombs but he kept it well protected, there is a summoning trap at the entrance to the room that will summon stormclaw scorpions to the place. Overlooked in the hasty clearance of the room, resting on the wall there is Salman's first wand (magical +1) whilst he kept it purely for sentimental reasons he still took time to conjur a clay guard to keep the servants from stealing it. The wand also has a secret central core that can store a single tightly wound scroll, within it a scroll of Wizard Lock.


The catacombs beneath the foundations of the Octagon Courtyard were principally used for storage for the keep, however they had largely fallen into disuse before the keeps downfall. The poor state of the keep when it came into Ketrik estate meant that for many years these chambers had fallen into disrepair, now they are home to a few firebeetles and little more. Ocasionally the goblin Craklak passes through keeping the beetles at a distance but nothing more.

Cliff Wall

Beneath the arches supporting the cliff wall are a three chambers that each housed a couple of arrow slits and doubled up as storage for the barrels of arrows that were stockpiled against a seige that never came. The stonework that walled in one of the outer walls has been split by tree roots and now a group of guard drakes have nested here. The guard drakes have attracted the attention of the Blueface goblins and they have sent a party up here to raid the nests for eggs. By the time the party get here only a few of the drakes that were out hunting remain of the colony.

Hidden Passage

The passageway was designed to provide access between the keep cellars and the courtyard catacombs, and is hidden from general sight from the catacomb side. The passageway shows signs of the Blueface goblin's investigations and it is possible that a scouting party may be encountered here.

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