Upper Defences


This area and the three others that are constructed in a similar funnel-shaped style are defensive choke points designed to constrict the attackers into a narrow space and concentrate firepower. At the widest point of each chamber there is a raised level where the defenders can fire down into the choke from a crenelated hight, there are narrow stairs rising in front of the crenelations but again the advantage is with the defenders. The barricaded chamber also has arrow slits pointing into the choke point but access to these was from the collapsed level above and is no longer passable.


Fearing incursions from above, the Blueface tribe have used the old doors on the choke point to build a barricade across the narrowest part of the chamber. This is permanently manned and if the party have not met a scouting party beforehand this is where tehy will first be introduced to the Blueface goblins.

The encounter group includes sharpshooters and cutters hiding behind the barricade. The barricade is about twleve feet high leaving a crenelated gap that rises three feet to the chamber ceiling. There is a postern gate within the barricade which is shut and locked. Climbing the outer wall is hard (DC 18) but in order to breach the barricade the party will have to kill the goblins on watch there in order to occupy their space. At the first sign of combat one of the cutters will be sent for reinforcements.

Reinforcements will come from the lower gate area however they will not arrive for this encounter. If the party remain at the baricade after the encounter they will be disturbed after a single short rest by the skullcleaver encounter and the hexer encounter from the lower gate.


Travelling through here should give the party a sense of the number of goblins established here (somewhere in the region of thirty, depending on the party size and how the encounters scale). There is a small amount of loot here:

120gp in miscellaneous semi-precious scraps.


This has been set up as a store room and nest for the leader of the Blueface goblins, a Hexer - she will be drawn towards any combat beyond the barricade if the alarm has been raised and will bring along a motely collection of goblin cutters with her. If the skullcrusher from the Lower Gate has not yet been encountered she will ensure that he goes first.

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