No Dungeon

Travelling through the scublands, somewhere near to Desolation the night's camp is disturbed by the clank of a bell, and out of the night looms a cowled figure in battered black robes. Around it's neck is a thich chain and on it's end a bell. The figure grips the bell in gnarled hands as if trying to prevent the noise, but the keen eyed watch spots it's approach.

The figure is the mute leper named Bella by the citizens of the town, she often wanders these lands, somehow untroubled by it's denizens, however this time she has brought trouble with her as a band of Cyclops have picked up her scent and are drawn to the camp.

Challenge Exp
Cyclops Hewer 1400
Cyclops Battleweaver 1600
3 Venom-Eye Basilisk 1500
Total 4500

Having determined that they will get little help from the folk of Desolation the party head into the wilds to look for clues and there again they meet Bella - seemingly come back from the dead following her apparent hanging in the town, she leads them to the sunken village of Whitegold, reclaimed by the marshes and abandoned by the citizens of Desolation. In the chapel there is a tomb and it is to this that she leads them - the carved lid shows a knight with a sword and shield, at it's feet is a slain dragon. As she points a shaking finger at the image a deathly pandemoium breaks and the ghouls attack.

Challenge Exp
3 Abyssal Ghouls 4200
3 Hode Ghouls 600
Total 4800

In the tomb there is a magical shield and sword.

Booty Value
Level 16 Flamedrinker Shield 45,000
Level 15 +3 Righteous Bastard Sword 25, 000
Total 70, 000

Travelling deeper into the marshes in search of the dragon, the part may encounter the two sisters, who appear as implausibly beautiful maidens collecting marsh flowers:

Challenge Exp
Frost Adept Night Hag 2000
Death Hag 2000
Total 4000

What looks like a small volcano is in fact a spoil heap from the salt panning, but as the party approach they can see that on it's slopes are the corpses of those that have tried to scale it - this is the lair of Eidolon the dragon. She may be bayed in her nest, or may come across the party in one of her nighttime hunts - she is an Adult Red Dragon.

Challenge Exp
Adult Red Dragon 6000
Total 6000
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