The Lamprey

The Storm 14 is picked out by The Lamprey and depending on how the party play it out there will probably be a sea battle. Captain Kreich has made it clear that they will try and pull any attackers away from the fleet some way before revealing that they have a little spine, so it will be up the party to keep their powder dry for some time until the pirates are committed to the attack.

Whilst the battle will play out in several consecutive encounters, each one is separated only by a lull in the fighting rather than a full five minute break. Regardless the party should regain encounter powers in this time though they will not be able to use encounter powers in short interval between the encounters. There should however be time for each character to attempt a single healing roll to use a surge before rejoining the battle.

A Question of Range

The Lamprey is decorated by skeletal figures hanging from its spars, and as she comes closer these spring to life firing from shortbows as they swing wildly about. These decrepit skeletons are joined by a hobgoblin archer and when the range closes sufficiently two kobald slingers. Unless significant firepower is returned and cannot be neutralised the pirates will use this range advantage until they have broght their prey to a standstill and slain everyone on deck.

# Creature XP
1 Hobgoblin Archer 150
2 Kobald Slingers 200
10 Decrepit Skeletons 250

The encounter ends when the two vessels come together and one is boarded, enemies that survive are assumed to be engaged by the other allies. If The Lamprey is boarded or the skeletons are defeated then there is a 100xp bonus.

Boarding Party

The pirates will eventually come alongside and board - it is quite likely at this point that the surviving crew have taken cover below decks away from the arrow fire, if they have somehow neutralised the pirate archers and brought the battle to them then it may be on The Lamprey. The pirates have a significant fighting crew and the battle takes place on several fronts, for The Silk Glove it will initially be against the tatooed human necromancer that conjured the skeletal archers and his human barbarian bodyguard. From somewhere in the shrouds above a lizardman with a blowgun supports them.

If the party failed to destroy the skeletal archers and if the Storm 14 was boarded by the pirates then as a minor action the necromancer can also use this power.

Storm of Arrows (minor; at-will)
Ranged 15; +6 vs AC; 1d6 + 3 damage.

# Creature XP
1 Human Wizard 175
1 Human Bezerker 175
1 Greenscale Darter 175
3 Kobald Minions 75

The encounter ends when all enemies except the lizardman are defeated, if the lizardman is also defeated there is a 50xp bonus.

First Mates

The deck around the party is momentarily cleared, The Last Word and the few men under Captain Kreich appear to be swamped by foes. The Silk Glove come to the rescue and are confronted by the first mate, an Ogre Savage - and as he engages them, two other pirates drop down from the rigging to take advantage of the confusion, a halfling and a gnome rogue.

If the Lizardman was not defeated in the previous attack then the Ogre uses this power as a minor action:

Sniper Support (minor; at-will) * Poison
Ranged 15; +8 vs Fort; Target is slowed.

# Creature XP
1 Ogre Savage 350
1 Halfling Thief 125
1 Gnome Skulk 125

The encounter ends when all the foes are defeated.

The Captain Bayed

As The Last Word isolate the remainder of the pirate crew, the captain faces off aginat The Silk Glove. He is an Orc Bloodrager and expects nor offers quarter.

# Creature XP
1 Orc Bloodrager 600

A Pirate's Horde

Winning the day means that the party take a share in the loot and the prize (sale value of The Lamprey), since they have won a skills contest in arguing their share they earn a 10% boost for the cash equivalent package item.

Item Value
Level 4 Magic Item 840gp
Level 6 Magic Item 1800gp
Prize 748gp

Because there is a large cache of loot the party can choose from the following items:

Level 4 Item

  • Wavestrider boots
  • Battleaxe of Terror +1
  • Black Iron Plate Mail +1

Level 6 Item

  • Horned Helm
  • Amulet of Protection +2
  • Leather Armour +2
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