The Seige

The City Vaults

Symbol of Domination Level 15 Lurker

Trap XP 1,200

Trap: Written across the floor in a tiny cramped hand a spell is cast that has an insidious effect of dominating those that pass. The dominated will attempt to enter one of the niches that line the wall where they will be locked in.


  • DC 30: The character sees that there is a line of writing on the floor

Additional Skill: Arcana

  • DC 28: The character recognises the symbol of domination


When a living person that is not within five squares of a baton of authority crosses the line they fall silently under the influence of the symbol, walk to one of the niches and become locked within.


Standard Action Ranged Sight
Target: Random creature not within five squares of a baton
Attack: +19 vs Will
Hit: Target is dominated (save ends)


  • The script can be disabled with a DC 28 Thievery or DC 23 Arcana
  • The sealed niches can be disabled with a DC 26 Thievery from the outside or a DC 31 Thievery from within. Their steel doors cannot be destroyed without harming those trapped within.

The Teleporter (8900xp)

The Hanorians have been making use of a device that when activated can teleport a squadron of animae to it. This was used by an agent mistakenly believing that the mock Star Chamber was real, but was also placed into the hands of an expendable agent that was sacrificed knowing that he would be brought into the inner chambers of counter-intelligence. The purpose of the devices has been deliberately obscured and the only way to realisitically find out what they do is to activate them. Clues to their purpose might be harvested at the scene of the earlier battle however.

Teleport Squadron (8900)

Number Monster Experience
1 Hanorian Steel Bolter 500
1 Hanorian Steel Guard 2800
1 Hanorian Iron Assassin 2400
1 Hanorian Void Sentinel 1200
1 Hanorian Steel Captain 2000

Beneath These Walls (8500)

A huge crack has appeared in the creat curtain wall at the Maramluke Gate. A Shadar-Ki witch has been employed to lead a shadowhulk here and soften the defences.

Number Monster Experience
1 Shadow Hulk 8000
1 Shadar-Ki Witch 500

Rakasha Death Squad (8000)

Rakasha mercenaries have been paid to travel freely amongst the citizens decapitating critical services and seeking out word of where Stern Lions has his headquarters. The group are mercenaries and will offer ransom if captured which will effectively convert one treasure cache magic item into the player's choice of an alternative.

Number Monster Experience
2 Rakshasa Warrior 2400
2 Rakshasa Archer 2400
2 Rakshasa Assassin 3200

The Dirty Blade Shore Party (7400)

Sent ashore each night to pick up or drop off Hanorian agents, they are likely to be encountered on the beach where Tan Shin will be hiding invisibly whilst the pirates await their rendez-vous.

Number Monster Experience
1 Oni Mage, Tan Shin 2400
5 Human Pirate Veteran 5000

The Dirty Blade Attack Team (8800)

Sent ashore in a punitive raid, likely to be inretaliation against the Silk Glove if they reveale themselves.

Number Monster Experience
1 Human Pirate, The Painted Man 2400
1 Arena Trained Ogre, Nugg 1400
5 Human Pirate Veteran 5000

The Remainder of The Dirty Blade (11200)

Only to be confronted if the party can get out to the ship itself.

Number Monster Experience
1 Human Pirate, Dan Chiral 3200
8 Human Pirate Veteran 8000

Treasure Parcels

Package Item
1 [Level 19 Magic Item]: Lockbust Chalk (Adventurer's Vault, page 29 [Alchemical Items])
2 [Level 18 Magic Item]: Predatory Weapon +4 (Adventurer's Vault, page 75 [Weapons])
3 [Level 17 Magic Item]: Ring of Vigilant Defense (Adventurer's Vault, page 162 [Rings])
4 [Level 17 Magic Item]: Dimensional Shackles (Player's Handbook, page 253 [Wondrous Items])
5 [Level 16 Magic Item]: Bracers of Archery (Adventurer's Vault, page 115 [Arms Slot Items])
6 [14000 gp]: 89 pp, 97 gp, 27 sp, 30 cp + 1 ruby (5000 gp)
7 [12500 gp]: 123 pp, 191 gp, 87 sp, 30 cp
8 [8500 gp]: 84 pp, 98 gp, 15 sp, 50 cp
9 [8500 gp]: 83 pp, 191 gp, 87 sp, 30 cp
10 [4000 gp]: 996 gp, 33 sp, 70 cp + 3 sapphire gems (1000 gp each)
11 [3000 gp]: 3 emerald gems (1000 gp each)

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