The Wormway

These encounters may be met in any order whilst in the Wormway.

The Ghost of Blackjack

Many years ago the orcish champion Blackjack fell into the Kruthnik pit trap and was set upon - he slew them all easily, but unable to get out from the pit as the days went by he was obliged to eat the beasts and was poisoned to death. Now his raging ghost waits at the base of the pit, it is an elite level 8 phantom warrior.

Blackjack Phantom Champion Level 8 Elite Soldier
Medium Shadoow humanoid (undead) XP 700
Initiative +10 Senses Perception +13; Darkvision
HP 182; Bloodied 91
AC 24; Fortitude 21; Reflex 20; Will 20
Immune disease, poison; Resist Insubstantial
Speed 6, fly 6 (hover); phasing
Phantom Sword (standard; at-will) o Necrotic
+15 vs. Reflex; 1d8 +5 necrotic damage and the target is marked until the end of the Phantom Champion's next turn
Phantom Tactics
A phantom warrior has combat advantage against any target that has another phantom warrior adjacent to it.
Regeneration 5
Alignment Any Languages Common
Str 22 (+10) Con 18 (+8)
Dex 18 (+8) Int 16 (+7)
Wis 16 (+7) Cha 18 (+8)

The champion's blade lies at the feet of it's skeletal corpse at the base of the pit, it is a wicked orc-crafted +1 Falchion that deals damage as necrotic type against elves. The blade also glows a sickly green when near to elves.

Item Value
+1 Elf bane Falchion 1000

Kruthnik Perimeter Guards

The Kruthniks are summoned two rounds apart and continue appearing unless a round ends with none standing or until they are all gone. The order is:

Number Creature XP
1 Kruthik Young 125
1 Kruthik Young 125
1 Kruthik Adult 175
1 Kruthik Adult 175
1 Kruthik Young 125

Kruthnik Soldiers

Rushing past (or following the scent) these creatures sense the party and attack mob handed.

Number Creature XP
4 Kruthik Adult 700

Kruthik Civilians

Stumbled across by the party these will fight to the death in defence of the eggs they carry.

Number Creature XP
1 Kruthik Adult 175
4 Kruthik Young 500

Kruthik Queen

Penetrating into the heart of the hive the players meet the queen guarding her eggs, the surface of her lair is covered with a brittle resin like surface - it is treacherously slippery (like ice).

Number Creature XP
1 Kruthik Hive Lord 500
1 Treacherous Ice Sheet 200

The horde has been gathered into a chamber to one side, it is encased in glassy resin but can be recovered easily enough.

Item Value
+2 Vicious Longspear 2600
+2 Sylvan Hide Armour 3400
3 Potions of Healing 150
Lyre 250
3 Saphires 300
250gp 250
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