A Deadly Dance

Half Moon Dustin 86

Dane of Crius, Master of Song, House Crius

The city is beseiged. Despite what our Ironshield Houses tell us, that the enemy is to the south and will be met in the field at Tine Vale, there is an enemy at our gates. That enemy is fear. Every morning there is a new tragedy as their assassins walk amongst us. Stern Lions is rumoured to be commanding the cities defences against these silent assaults - if that is the case then many have fallen on his watch.

As to the more mundane enemies, how well defended is the city? As I understand it, the Ironshield determined that the city was in no shape to withstand a seige and has taken its armies south to choose their battlefield. In the meantime, the city guard is stripped to a minimum, such that if the blockading flotilla has even a small marine force then they might take the city in an afternoon!

Of course I will be accused of scaremongering and disloyalty, but every day now we see dragons at our doorstep, beasts not seen on these shores for many decades, and clearly serving the admiral of the Hanorian flotilla. There is nothing that I can say to further cow the citizens of this city, and I will have no part in deluding them.

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