Cool Heads and Calm Hearts

New Moon Stormware 85

Dane of Crius, Master of Song, House Crius

Standing amidst all of the sound and fury emerging from the Palace of Voices there have been two players that despite outwardly posturing and pronouncing as loudly of the peers appear to have been caught slightly more prepared, their actions more direct and their pronouncements more measured. It is perhaps unsurprising that Lions should be counted on to anticipate the unprecedented summons from their own victorious commander, but is seems that White was equally swift to strike - reliable sources state that the household of Aldonich White was on the Verlaine Road as the summons was being addressed to the Palace.

Perhaps even more interesting are reports that whilst Mesmer Lions was outwardly unruffled, sources close to the senator's office have reported that they only received notification two hours before the Palace. Is was widely reported that the senator was privately antagonisitc towards the Marshall's appointement in 82 and the suggested schism within the house between the two posts might reflect the retainer status of Marshall Vanya against the most senior active Lions family member.

The debate on the validity of the summons to a Battlefield Tribunal will go on for some time - a careful consideration of the date's and the travelling time leads to the conclusion that the summons was sent before main forces in the final confrontation had even met. Furthermore the scope of such a meeting is limited only to matters directly relating to the outcome - the disposition of land, prisoners and such. The asumption is that House Lions is trying to push through a decision relating to relationships with the Elven Nation, and given their recent hawkish attitude this is expected to mean war.

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