Reprisals in Eastwood

Second Quarter, Fallowfell, 85

Sirus Standish, Master of Song, House White

Close the dovecotes and set the dogs unmuzzled to roam. It seems that the lion has stirred from it's sleepy shade and finally shown some courage. Forces under the pay of House Lions are reported to be marshalling in the shires, girding themselves for a police action against the orc tribes active on the coastal region to the north of New Hanoria. The increasingly audacious orc tribes have been expanding along the borders of Forven and if you cast your minds back to the petition of Ambassador Highbow not eight weeks past - pressing the elven nation borders as well.

Could the great house have changed it's tune swapping the drums of war with the pipes of reconciliation or is this some more sinister tactic designed to drive the retreating orcs hard against the elven borders? But of course before those orcs get driven anywhere there's a battle to be won, and that's where I'll be travelling this week my fellows.

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