Sluttisham Incident

New Moon Fallowfell 85

Siblus of Craine, Master of Song, House Craine

The fortified village of Sluttisham lying in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains at the border of Bidewell and Sweetwater is attacked by a raiding party of elves. When they retreated from the village more than half of the men, women and children were left dead, many of the dead showed signs of having been tortured before death. The raiders attack was unprovoked and appears to have been motivated by greed as many horses and cartloads of goods were taken by the raiders. Surviving witnesses spoke of a savager glee with which the raiders dragged out the wounded defenders, torturing and executing them in the streets.

As yet there has been no explanation for the deterioration in the relationship with the Elven Nation and the Elven Ambassador has fled into the night leaving the embassy unoccupied. Some have speculated that the state in which the embassy was left has implied that the attrocity was known about beforehand.

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