The Cedars Inquiry

New Moon, Snowdawn, 85

Sirus Standish, Master of Song, House White

Following the battle at Creeley Pools, there was a strong sense that House Lions was driving the political relations with the elven nation to the demands of its own benefit rather than that of Elan. The house has maintained a hawkish and antagonisitic attitude towards the native elves for several years and it was expected that in exercising their Victor's Justice in calling for a Battlefield Tribunal, they would put the elves in a position where there could be no peaceful outcome.

However, whatever their intentions, circumstances overtook them, as evidence was presented that the two orc tribes had been supplied with arms from the foundries of House Lions. The summit ended in uproar, with Stern Lions resigning from his post and the Elven Nation restored to their political station of Quicken, 83.

Of course that was not the end of matters, Fortuna does not like to be led by the nose like a placid bullock. Supplying arms to Her enemies, is potentially treasonous and with the New Moon, begins an inquiry led by Lord Aiden Cedars into the matter. The Cedars Inquiry is of course, likely to take several weeks and invite many witnesses to court. I, Sirus Standish, Master of Song, shall of course be in attendance.

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