The Redeemers

First Quarter Lustin 86

Marcus of Daker, Master of Song, House Daker

I have noticed a noisy silence in the taverns and markets of our great city of late, lots of talk of nothing of note, like the death of an innocent that no one will speak of. Well when the so called great voices of Fortuna dare not speak of these matters it falls to your humble servant Marcus of Daker to stand as a lone voice and shout out the truth.

There is an evil that walks amongst us, and it bears the mark of the Dragon. Oh I can hear your cries and see your eyes roll, I have heard the polemics and seen the pamphlets, but I do not speak of the so called heretic threat. I speak of an alien army that stands at our gates and whose soldiers walk amongst us imposing their will where none but ourselves have commanded before.

Our city watch has the voice of the citizens of Fortuna and where they have not had the appetite to prosecute an ancient vengeance against toothless heretics within neither have we. And whilst fear stirs us to act against our neighbors, it is a fear that will ultimately consume us. I call upon all you councilors and citizens who command the ear of councilors to rescind this vile order and bar these barbarians from acting in our name.

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