Treaty Negotiations

New Moon Stormware 85

Marcus of Daker, Master of Song, House Daker

Whilst some sit comfortably with their eyes upon the stage, your humble servant has been in the wings and amongst the players. With the police action complete and the twin Orcish tribes of Thumb-benders and Truehearts utterly defeated, attention has turned back to the elven situation. Brenal Lions has offered the hand of peace to the elven terrorists and a ceasation in hostilities has been agreed. Furthermore, a peace summit has been arranged here, at Creeley Pools and will be attended by representatives of the five houses.

It is widely expected that punative concessions will be demanded from the aggressors however, there is a feeling that House Lions, the principal plantif in the case is in a generous mood, flushed as it is with success on this bloody field.

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