What Not To Wear

New Moon Stormware 85
Celidah of Canum, Master of Song, House Canum

Silk hoses, Hanorian twisted suede and Shannon mohair are all to be left with the dresser, high boots and storm cloaks are de riguer this week as the court rushes to relocate to Forven. Marshal Lions issued a summons to court invoking the Victor's Privelige Principal he was able to issue the summons for a Battlefield Tribunal at short notice. Whilst the advocates flap about the legality of invoking the principal before the battle was actually won, the great houses have dispatched their fastest carriages and the court has dashed en mass up the Verlaine Road to the godforsaken Creeley Pools.

Your humble servant is travelling at the pleasure of House Crestfell and we should arrive in two days - in the meantime there is entertainment to be had if only in seeing the coniptions of the lords and landlords discovering thier unexpected guests for the evening.

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