Where is the Fleet?

New Moon, Whetstone 86

Dane of Crius, Master of Song, House Crius

Where is the fleet? It cannot be lost surely, the storms have not been so unkind. No day passes now when honest citizens of this great city do not take some detour from their daily commute to some part of the city from whence the sea can be spied. No grizzled fisherman can return from his day's labor and not face the inevitable questions, "what sign?". I have heard tell that the fisherman have taken to flying a black pennant and half mast to avoid the persistent questions.

This is no storm I say, in 52 there was a great wind that blew the ice down from the north and drove the great fish to lie gasping on the river banks not a mile form the city, and yet even then the first clippers were in by Whetstone. This is no storm.

One week ago, The Iris entered port, having traveled around The Anvil from New Hanoria. Her captain spoke of a conflict averted with a mysterious vessel, not from these shores - he gave chase but she eluded him and The Iris has since left to try again to capture this elusive prize. But a vessel not of these waters can only be from Arnia and if she can make passage to these waters, and furthermore be up to no good then surely this can only mean one thing.

The old world is at war, and our fleet is caught amidst it - no doubt blockaded in the ports, unable to secure passage amongst the bloody navies of those distant shores.

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