Flaxford is a market town, situated at the lowest fordable point on the River Tine. At one time prosperous, but in steady decline since the destruction of Flaxford Keep.


Flaxford is the principal town in the district of Tine Vale in the county of Morst. It sits in a wide east-west valley close to the southern side with the river close to the northen outskirts of the town. At the eastern end of the town the river is wide and the banks low at one time permitting a ford across the river, at the western end of the town the banks close in forming Flaxford Pool.

Rising above the town on the southern valley margin a high cliff is crowned by the ruins of Flaxford Keep. The cliff face beneath is riddled with openings, many bricked up since the destruction of the keep to keep out vermin and worse.

The Silford to Tinemouth road winds along the valley passing between the foot of the ruined keep and the town. At Lych Cross a road takes travellers to the town (and at one time to the keep) passing an ancient walled graveyard, that is still in use.

The Goblin Threat

Six months ago, three adventurers, a little green but of stout heart and brave intent persuaded the councillors of Flaxford that they would investigate the ruins of Flaxford Keep and flush out the goblin tribe. After a single night they returned battered but not beaten to recuperate at the Phoenix in. The tale they told of the many foes they overcame that night have passed into Flaxford folklore, but that is all that is told, for the next day they went forth once more into the darkness, and were never heard from again.

Since that expedition the threat has grown, whilst the citizens of Flaxford has slept lightly in their beds, outside the walls sevral farmsteads have been raised to the ground, and the farmers and livestock have disappeared. From the woodland around the keep, many trees have been felled and their is a constant haze of smoke hanging about the base of the cliffs.

Between the ruins and the town the Silford - Timemouth road passes and whilst no travellers have yet been stopped it is only a matter of time before there is trouble. Flaxford has responsiblity for the road between Knaves Head and Paddlemouth and if they cannot protect travellers passing the gates of the town then Fortuna will investigate. Four years ago the town charter was almost revoked, and the citizens are still paying for the petition that held that catastrophe in abeyance. An investigator from the court could spell the end of the Flaxfor's position as capital of Tine Vale.

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