The seaport of Greenhaven is hidden from the sea a screen of mangrove and for passage into the harbour a pilot from the lizardfolk must be sought. The Lizardfolk insist on a fee that is proportionate to the value of the goods bourne.

The town itself stretches in a half moon around a large still pool capable of holding a score of ships at most. It is built of wooden buildings on piles sunk into the marshy ground, and suspended from the great trees that grow hereabouts. The buildings are connected by boardwarlks and rope walks, everything strangled in vines and there is a constant battle with the encroaching forest.

The entrance to the pool was at one time guarded by a stone tower however it is now abandoned and lists precariously, part submerged in the black waters.

The waterside area is known as the Lower Deck and it is here that the majority of the pirate crewmen do their business. The boardwalks are lined with bars and brothels, flophouses and pawn shops. Here, life is cheap and pockets have holes in them.

Beyond the Lower Deck rises the low marshy hill upon which the port was first founded. Somewhat ironically named The Hill, this is where the officers and well heeled customers may entertain themselves. However there is an unspoken code about who may and may not climb the hill and there are plenty of men prepared to take coin to stop the wrong sort from making that journey. Do not expect to pass this way without a great many fights.

The Hurricane's Eye is one of the few original buildings still habitable, it sits drunkenly at the top of the hill, overlooking the Lower Deck. It's walls have been shored up by great timbers and entrance is through a second storey balcony as the ground floor has sunk so far as to be almost a cellar. Still if you can gain entrance then all of the ship's captains drink here and the beer and wine is of the finest qulity.

Known Pirate Vessels

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