One of the three major countries of Arnia, Hanoria is the smallest in landmass but the most powerful in its armies and its abundant magical prowess. The nation draws a great deal of its strength through the creation of magical animated servitors - greatest of which are its animated Ghostships, crewed entirely by animated machinery, they are devastating vessels.

The capital city is Benessador which lies on the shores of The Eversea and it shares a border with Battle across the Trinus.

Among the many factors that make Hanoria seem so strange to outsiders is their attitude to the dead. Once a person is deceased, their body is seen as a dirty and embarrassing residue that must be disposed of as quickly as possible and preferably by someone else. However there is a peculiar exception to this rule - carefully preserved bodies are often reanimated and employed as servants. Indeed prestige and wealth are often displayed by the extravagance of the undead servitors employed. A side effect of the presence of these restless spirits is a preponderance of greater undead at the outskirts of Hanorian society - a nuisance that troubles the poor and weak far more than the uncaring wealthy.

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