House Galt

One of the Base Houses of Fortuna, House Galt has made it's way to a significant financial footing, without taking time to foster the friendships and alliances that might see it elevated to the Ironshield Houses. The success has been largely due to the leadership of Johan Galt and his many money lending and speculative trading enterprises. He is not known for his honest dealings and consequently, whilst he does have support from the likes of House Stutter, they do not have the political stature to really secure elevation.

Recently, Johan Galt has commissioned the services of The Drengr Nidgogg army in order to push his case for adoption into the Ironshield, but he is discovering that it takes more than money and an army at your back. The dragonborn of The Drengr Nidgogg have become intimately involved with The Redeemers and it is widely assumed that House Galt is also closely involved with this movement.

House Members

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