Houses of Fortuna

Representation for the houses of Fortuna was born out of the treaty of Caratia where political power was ceded from the monarchy to the original nine great houses of the city state after the Battle of Oricia. Of those nine four were led by Foeman Crestfell to Great Bear and founded Fortuna, those four houses along with House Crestfell were named the Founding Houses and from these houses flows political control of the Elan.

House Positions

Each of the founding houses maintains a series of positions relating to the management of the house as a political entity, and these are mirrored in a great many other houses of Fortuna.

Most senior member and lord of the house
Mangement of the household and estates
Control of legal matters and judgement of estate legal issues
Responsibility for house security and for the Ironshield Houses management of the army.
Management of the house's financial matters
Representing the house politically in the Palace of Voices
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