Keepsafe is the county that marks the southernmost frontier of Elan. It is separated from the Southwold by the River Stoney and it's Western border is loosely descriebd by the beginnings of the foothills of Wilder Range. The county capital is Covenant at the southernmost point however the town of Stoneyford on the northern border is the more populated and more visited.

The county is almost entirely wooded, and whilst the woodland is cultivated around the two principal cities, inland travel is almost impossible and there are very few settlements in the heart of the region. Furthermore, the woodland runs down to the sea along most of the coastline, meeting the water in a series of swampy lagoons and bays that have not welcomed development.

In fact the whole county south of Stoneyford is effectively uncharted wilderness until a traveller gets to Covenant. The southernmost point of Elan is The Remembered Mountain a monastic retreat that was gifted to The Willow Palm as a sign of gratitude for their part in the settlement of Elan.

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