Moonblade, so named due to its curving blade reminiscent of the curve of the moon, is an intelligent sword. A Holy Avenger in the service of the God Avandra, Moonblade was formerly wielded by the Paladin St Caspian.

Most recently located in the Saint's sarcophagus in the ruins of the Cathedral of All Souls outside Paternoster, Moonblade was recently recovered by Claudia, a Dragonborn Paladin of Avandra.

Moonblade is intelligent, and like most intelligent swords, somewhat rigid and dogmatic in its thinking. Dedicated to the teachings of Avandra, it tends towards the more distant and philosophical interpretations of High Church, with little regard to the practical considerations of life in the real world. This extends to a somewhat cavalier attitude towards odds or tactics that do not seem to immediately support its goals. This can of course lead to some … tension with a wielder of a more worldly wise persuasion.

Moonblade Aspects
Starts Each session With
Holy Avenger
Protection from Evil

Wielder permanently tagged with Pure

Wielder gains insight based Detect Evil +2

In addition, the touch of Moonblade is sufficient to sever the chains holding the soul of a Thresholder to their undead body.

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