One Hundred Years of Peace

The foundation of the City of Fortuna did not take place overnight, in fact a beachhead informally called South Beach had been established at the site for three years before the formal recognition. In that time it's position between the sea and the local marshes had made survival a tenuous proposition, its tasty inhabitants constantly battling against the attentions of the local denizens. Amongst those troubling neighbours was a significant number of dragons, and their continuing presence would have prevented the establishment of any significant foothold in this area.

Knowing something of the nature of dragons, Foeman Crestfell sought out the greatest of them and struck a bargain. He took many months to seek out and rouse the great wyrm Crucius and asked of it what price peace? The answer ancient creature regarded him torpidly and demanded what do you most value? Crestfell had anticipated this and presented his blade, Acies. Leave that trinket as a token of your goodwill, but I shall take your daughter as my bride, and in return you shall have one hundred years of peace from me and my kin.

The dragon then slipped from it's roost and summoned all of it's kind and bound them to its will.

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