Palace Of Voices

The Palace of Voices is the seat of the Senate of Fortuna. Senators are appointed by each of the Houses of Fortuna, from the Founding Houses through the Ironshield Houses and even the Base Houses.

The costs associated with maintaining a Senator means that very few of the Base Houses are represented directly, and most of them defer their voting rights to a patron member of the Founding Houses. Senators from different houses are afforded different voting rights: In matters of constitution only the Founding Houses are afforded a vote; rights are extended to the Ironshield Houses on matters of defence and to all houses on other matters.

Because most matters are settled on the block votes cast by the Founding Houses political power does not rest with one of them, but constantly shifts between them. House White holds the largest number of Base House votes, House Caradogan the least. House Rubius was disolved in 33, however the voting rights remain are held by the Red Council which represents the wishes of the Ironshield Houses in constitutional votes.

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