Parishes of Fortuna

The city of Fortuna is divided into sixteen Parishes, principally to divide up their governance and judicial process. The parishes are also used to divide up disciplinary authority with the City Watch answering to a captain of the watch in each parish.

The City Watch

Responsibility for maintaining civil authority within Fortuna falls to the City Watch this is very distinct (and sometimes antagonisitc towards) the millitary defence of the city which falls to the City Guard. Whilst the City Watch maintains a presence in each parish, the City Guard have garrison buildings in only some parishes.


The watch maintains quite different levels of authority over citizens and non-citizens of the city, and their attitude towards them is also quite different. Citizens can expect polite courtesy and their word will always be taken over that of a non-citizen. In sthe case of misdemeanours up to and including affray the watch can make an arrest and remand a non-citizen into custody until the parish court ajourns. Similar complaints against a citizen will result in the watchman asking for the citizen's details and inviting them to present themselves at court. If they fail to present then they can receive a summons to court but this is rarely needed as even inexpensive legal advocacy will usually see a case dismissed.

Founding Parishes

Each of the founding houses maintains a palatial residence in the city, the parish literally extends to the walls of their property but since these can be as large as the other parishes they are granted a degree of civic autonomy. The City Watch is represented in the parishes of the founding houses however, since these parishes are entirely walled within the palaces, they are effectively honorary roles.

Parishes of Fortuna

These are the low parishes of the city:

There are four founding parishes, one for each of the Founding Houses:

  • Caradagon Parish
  • Crestfell Parish
  • Lions Parish
  • White Parish

The parish that contained the properties of House Rubius became Ministries.

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