The capital city and island of Qudir is a client state of Hanoria. Being set apart it is not quite so closed to outsiders as the mainland and as such is a thriving trading port and hotbed of spies.

Amongst the many rules that hamper making a living in the country are the penurious taxes applied to taking currency or precious metals from the city - trade is permitted and taxed more evenly but is a merchant makes his fortune in Qudir then he had better spend it there, for if he leaves then he can take one in twenty ounces of gold or silver with him.

Gambling is very popular in the city perhaps because it is prohibited in Hanoria but all wagers must use Golden Sickles, a currency specifically set aside for this and very carefully regulated. Taxation applies to this currency, possibly even more so than others as the relaxation in gambling laws applies because the intention is that no man may gain from proposing to command fate.

One traditional gamble is on the colour of the Sultan's turban which changes daily.

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