This page contains the match reports for each session, they are not written in character and serve as a record of what happened. I am going to attempt to keep these up to date with the bare minimum of facts however anyone else can come in and update them if they choose.

The Butcher's Bill

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 30 May 2012 21:13

Duc Fleurie disposes his troops onto the plain leaving Puff to command The Drengr Nidgogg. The plan is to attempt to revoke The Settlement only when Claudia is close enough to Orcus to prevent him from teleporting away. If they can hold him in place and then successfully revoke the magic that continues to support an opening to hell, then slaying the Demon Prince will destroy him utterly.

The Gate and the Wall

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 27 May 2012 21:53

The silk glove arrive at the Westgate Cathedral in sited in the ruined walls of Caratia. In the lat part of their journey they have been met by many creatures of the plain that have offered their help to Salix whose new status affords him some reverence. A pack of wolves lead them to the walls and even show them a way through, but it is clear that powerful magic prevents passage to humankind.

Flight in the Dark

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 13 May 2012 21:56

As the evening settles over the walls of Raven Springs a scout reports seeing something strange against the north-east horizon - a great dark cloud is forming with supernatural speed and appears to be closing on the city. Salix takes eagle form and flies to investigate whilst the dragonborn wait nervously.

The Army of the Damned

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 10 Apr 2012 20:36

From the ruins of the Silent Mountain, the two dragon born and their Druid companion watch the column of acolytes make their way across the plain. They have banished them from their unholy monastery and sent them back to their families, though whether sister Niobe will deliver them is uncertain. For now, our heroes have matters of more weight that they must consider.

The Vow

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 22 Mar 2012 23:20

Thetis, interrupted in her studies is at first alarmed by the presence of interlopers, but when she recognises Claudia and Salix, she resumes her conversation. At first the heroes had not spotted her interlocutor, but now, curious they scan the scene. Beyond her desk, Thetis keeps a level gaze on the ruined corpse of a man, long dead, standing before her and speaking in a loud rasp.
"You may have ensured that this vessel was blind but I can still sense that you have guests, you needn't worry about me my dear please attend to them, or do you not trust me?" It is clear that she does not for in the ensuing conversation she demands that Claudia and Salix leave and insists to the dead soul that the ceremony can continue.

The Silent Mountain

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 07 Mar 2012 20:01

Resting for the night in the heart of the high plateau amongst the strange cairns that dot the hills, the Silk Glove choose a cold supper and no fire. There is little in the way of cover and the rugged adventurers curl up close together against the hoarfrost that rises early in the night to cover their sleeping bodies. Claudia takes the first watch and is visited in starlight by a huge boar, it seems to bear no malice though it carries with it a sense of great dignity and age. The creature passes on into the night in the direction of the Silent Mountain. The final watch is also disturbed when Puff is thrown from a deep reverie by a blinding white flash up in the sky, as he blinks away the afterglow and shouts an alarm, he gets a sense of great power at once nearby and distant. There is no further disturbance but the party, now wakened decide to make an early start and head off towards the Monastery before the grey dawn has broken.

Into the Mountains

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 19 Feb 2012 22:15

Having recovered Moonblade, Claudia finds that she has a great many obligations to fulfil. Before they can leave the grove there are the remains of a great many thresholders, drawn to the woods that have been torn limb from limb by the treants that defend the place. A touch of the blade releases their souls and stills the quivering horrors. Then upon leaving the glade they meet a pilgrim, and at his request he too is sent to oblivion, his dessicated body finally giving up to the ravages of time, decays before their eyes.

The Sacred Grove

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 30 Jan 2012 20:25

Leaving the village of Feli's Reach having earned the gratitude of the visitors by staying an extra day to ensure their safety, heal the sick and generally do good, the party take to the High Plains on ponies gifted by the villagers. Following a hard days riding they arrive at a homestead large enough to be home to maybe half a dozen families. Instead they find that a husband and wife are the only ones that tend a very prosperous farm. They are invited to rest in the stables and given food and reassurances of safety.

After the Storm

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 22 Jan 2012 21:06

Heading up out of Sadir onto the high mesa, The Silk Glove find themselves following in the footsteps of the Theomancer and his newley purchased slaves. After the first day it becomes clear that they will overtake them within a few days. This causes some concern as the party hopes to remain incognito, however the issue is resolved with the arrival of a dust storm the erases all evidence of their passage.

The Godsforsaken Land

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 11 Dec 2011 21:39

The Rose makes sail for the hidden pirate port of Sadir under the guidance of Pinch. Creeping up the coastline they reach the dangerous waters know as The Saw where amongst treacherous reefs they are ambushed by three triremes of Hanorian pirates and their undead crew.

Adventures in Eden

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 05 Nov 2011 16:20

The Rose carries The Silk Glove to the city of Cadion where the adventurers introduce themselves to the political representatives as Heralds and Envoys to the ambassador that would be following within a few weeks. The head of a significant trading family, Danton Romaine recognises their value and offers to guide them through some of the political obstacles to establishing an embassy.

The Rose and Thorns

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 24 Jul 2011 20:53

In the aftermath of the battle of Tine Vale the Hanorian animae were revealed to be vessels for the agency of devils and with the Covenant revoked they were rendered very fragile vessels. The actions of The Silk Glove led directly to the turning of the battle as the most powerful of the devices were rendered to minions. Another consequence of their release from the strictures of the covenant was that the demons were no longer bound to the will of their Hanorian masters and many fled the battlefield and found themselves scattered through the counties of Elan.

Cadion in Spring

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 02 Apr 2011 19:02

The City of Cadion is the capital of New Eden and is as ancient as recorded history. In it's sprawling streets we find a happy coterie of fellows that have fallen in with each other and somehow scratch out a living without ever seeming to have any regular paying work. These men are not thieves nor soldiers of fortune - let us say rather that they are useful men to know.

The Battle of Tine Vale

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 20 Mar 2011 17:12

Travelling along the elven Highway, the party are tracked down by the remnants of the Rakshasa mercenary group contracted to operate in Fortuna. There is a battle in the waters of the river Tine and the mercenaries are easily defeated. The party offer the surviving Rakshasa freedom in return for a service and the promise to leave Elan once that service is complete, and the Rakshasa accept the terms and agree to attempt to rescue Livia Blackstock from the crew of The Dirty Blade.

The Wave Breaks

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 20 Feb 2011 20:52

The Hanorian game has clearly been to try and decapitate the only real meaningful resistance it has encountered in the city, and getting an assassin into close quarters with Stern Lions they have come close. However, The Silk Glove are again present and the attempt is stymied and the assassin himself slain as he flees the scene. Lions is hurt but recovers from the poison in time to consult with the party on their final day in the city - if they are to get to Tine Vale in time to meet the approaching Hanorian land army they will need to leave this evening.

Mean Streets

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 22 Jan 2011 14:39

Returning to the city with their fallen companion, thoroughly exhausted and ready to sleep for a day - The Silk Glove discover the city gate open and the guard cowering within the gatehouse. The streets are silent and all doors and windows shuttered and barred. After some negotiation with the hiding guards, the party secure the gates and have a hasty conversation with the fearful guards.

The Turncoat

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 04 Jan 2011 12:14

The Silk Glove continue to attend to the pressing issues in the defence of Fortuna, whilst they wait for their opportunity to meet up with Abe the following night. Investigating further at the scene of the Shadow Hulk attack reveals little more, some tracks from a barefoot woman or elf but nothing of much substance.

The Siege

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 21 Dec 2010 23:04

In Fortuna, the surviving members of The Silk Glove have come together in the service of Stern Lions acting as members of his secret defence force. The armies of Fortuna have gone south hoping to engage the expeditionary force of Hanoria in Tine Vale - it is generally felt that the city would be raised if it had to withstand a seige and so a battle in the field has more chance of success.

Lowly Wyrm

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 18 Nov 2010 22:52

The party seek out Lowly Worm at The Remembered Mountain but discover that he is has recently left in search of some relic at a wizard's tower deep in the forest. Goldie agrees to lead the party through the shadow realm and they soon aproach the tower deep in the forest's heart. As they approach, they witness a robed figure battling a huge white dragon and set about effecting a rescue. The robed figure quickly disappears and it soon become apparent that the dragon is too powerful for them to defeat, and apparently not intent on devouring them either.

The Beachhead

by SlowlearnerSlowlearner 18 Nov 2010 22:28

The party disover from the wilden that the forest is in uproar, reacting against some great violence that is being done to it - the party are attracting trouble as the forest - like some great organism, thrashes around trying to defeat the source of this insult. The Wilden have already rescued others innocents caught in the woodland, they are prepared to spare one of their number to escort the party to the nearest place of safety, The Greenwatch. The rest of the wilden will head north in search of the intrusion, and the party are unable to persuade them to permit them accompany them.

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