Army of the Damned

The defeated mother superior, Thetis has granted Orcus passage through the Westgate Cathedral, a freedom which permits him to pass through the boundary of the city of Caratia and extend his power unconstrained out into the world of man. In doing so he has had to cede about half of his power in order to make Thetis sufficiently vulnerable that The Silk Glove could overcome her. Now he must recover his powers before he is able to extend a foothold out into this new world and at the same time must defend his back from the other major powers of hell.

His first strategy as lord of the undead is to draw all unquiet souls to him, and maybe as a sign of this, the half moon that rises over the mountains the next evening is stained blood red, and across the lands the shuffling zombies, marching skeletons and silent ghosts head inexorably to his call. The land is in uproar, the roads choked with armies of the dead whilst the remaining living huddle out of sight.

With the Silent Mountain dissolved and the acolytes and sisters sent out into the mountains to find a path down to the lowlands and safety, the heroes will have to travel out the through the Field of Stones. Aware of the power that Thetis held beneath the cairns, Orcus has dispatched a greater demon servant to crack open those tombs and release the ghosts within so that they can answer is summons. The party will come across this apparition and its pack on their way out of the mountains.

The harvester of souls, is a giant obese baby, standing three meters tall and with a skirt of fat rolls falling down to it's chubby knees. Inordinately strong and protected by it's corpulence the creature also commands a pack of a dozen hell hounds:

Harvester: Level 7 (Demonic hide, demonic strength, demonic resistance)
Hell-hound pair : Level 4+1 (Fire breathing)

When they get out of the mountains they will find the roads, choked with the undead all heading north but they should soon also come across an army about four hundred led by Sir Carlos and Shadrach. They explain that they had headed north hoping to meet up with the heroes and join them in taking the fight to Caratia. Many amongst them were thresholders, some released by Moonblade and others hoping to be released. On the night that Orcus gained access to the world, all of the thresholders lost their immortal status and are now either dead or recovered and present here now.

Sir Carlos believes that Orcus has summoned all undead to him and the army have been watching them all head north for a couple of days now. The numbers are slackening and they seem very intent on heading north without stopping to pillage or otherwise disturb mortals - he feels that he is ready to move now.

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