The city is in the grip of a great and slow battle between the undead forces of Orcus and the various minions of Juiblex that seek to wrest control from the weakened demon lord and pour into the world of man. Above the city green and black clouds circle with occasional flashes of lurid lightning, whilst within its streets screaming hordes of undead run in seemingly directionless pursuit of their foes.

Orcus has returned to lick his wounds within the city itself leaving the greatest of his theomancer Immortals to defend the gate. The walls are impassable to the demons and to the characters, though animals may come and go (not transformed humans however). If they wish to enter then they will have to pass through the gate.

To the north of the city, there is another army - New Eden has sent a force of five thousand men led by the Duke of Flowers who has the authority to speak on behalf of the people of New Eden. He is watching what happens - it is clear that there is some kind of battle going on within and he wonders if he may be able to destroy the weakened victors.

Theomancer Lich, Lvl 10, Arcane Fire, Undying
Theomancer Vampire, Lvl 8, Undying
Theomancer Vampire, Lvl 8, Undying
Theomancer Vampire, Lvl 8, Undying
12, Theomancer Faithful, Lvl 5 +4

The church was long either long ago desanctified or resistant to any of the divine procedures that Claudia can bring to bear - there is nothing that can be done here to close this place. It becomes apparent that the party's efforts are beginning to attract attention and it is clear that they will be overpowered if they remain.

If the players have not yet met the Duke of Flowers then now might be the time - if they explain the situation then they might explore the settlement of Caratia that they still bear. It might be possible to revoke it if they could find a majority of signatories..

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