Chiral's Papers



The ledger is the only unencrypted document and contains lists of all of the weapons that are stored and all of the weapons that have been so far delivered, though the recipients are given code names. It is clear from the ledger that The Dirty Blade has been delivering shipments of weapons to twenty different named groups over the course of the last five years, though the great majority of the deliveries has been in the last two years and two of the groups have received eight of these shipments. Similarly the weapons have been received once a year over their time at this place. The final delivery entry was scheduled for this week.


The Diary is enciphered and consequently unreadable, however careful study can draw some conclusions from the text. First, from the repeated headings the diary appears to cover the full five years also covered by the ledger. Second drawing from the ledger the diary includes some kind of tabulated entry close to the delivery date of each of the cargoes.



The second of the encrypted journals contains thirty-three sections, each with a heading and varying amounts of text beneath them, some of which appears to have been added at different times. Throughout the journal there are sketches drawn in a fine lead pencil, some maps, and some coats of arms. One page carries a dragon's head motif that looks very much like the kind that decorates the figureheads of the boats of The Drengr Nidgogg, this page bears a second sketch that is of the Dragon Head ring that accompanies the notes.


All of the eight letters are encrypted and bear no seal or decoration save for one. Amongst several pages of careful script there is a careful drawing of a lions head motif, the symbol of House Lions.


Accompanying the papers there is a beautiful (and valuable) diamond ring that would be suitable for a woman, another simple gold ring that bears a seal denoting a unicorn and a Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor.

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