Flaxford Keep

One of the Articles of Foundation in the Ninth Charter mandates that for all Guilds and Associations that have an Imperial Warrant, alumni are obliged to serve four weeks in the service of The City in their first year of liberty. Invariably they are drafted into the garrison where they will often take a loan against a commission as the first step of a career in the Service of the Emperor. Occasionally, under specific circumstances or for exemplary students, the obligation is waived in return for a specific service.

Whilst your colleagues received their drafts, for reasons that may be either unknown to you or which you may like to describe, your characters were invited to the principal’s office for a private chat. Apparently there is a place called Flaxford Keep – maybe you have heard of it in stories of Auld Red? It is ruined now but it appears that the nearby village of Flaxford is being troubled by a goblin tribe that have set up home in the earthworks beneath – you are going to help repay a favour owed.

On arrival you present yourselves to the Reeve of Flaxford, he leaves you in an antechamber within the administrative offices for some time. Through several doors you can hear arguing, it is clear that you somehow fall short of the Reeve's expectations. Some time later, a servant suggests that you present yourself to the landlord of The Phoenix Inn - you will be summoned to an meeting of the town leaders this evening.

The Councilmen

It is clear at the evening meeting that the Council has made it's mind up that you are not the right folks for the job - You will need to present a strong case if you are hoping to persuade them to take on the job.


Persuade the council to let you take on the job. Success means that you can take on the task with their blessing and maybe a reward, failure means that you will be forbidden from going near the keep and will have to proceed without their knowlege (or reward).

Level 1 skill challenge

Bluff, Diplomacy, History at DC 10
Dungeoneering, Intimidate, Insight at DC 15

The Approach

To the south of the city gates is Lych Cross and from here an overgrown path can be traced up to the foot of the cliff wall at the top of which lie the ruins of the keep. The cliff face has several man-made entrances cut into its sandstone walls, many of which have been bricked up. A significant cave entrance has been unblocked and it is within here that the goblins have made their home. This route is watched by the goblins however and approaching this way, day or night, would end in a confrontation with a great number of goblins.

Taking advice from Djin Cutter, the party come around from the eastern reaches, climbing into the hills before approaching the ruins of the fortification from above.

The Ruins

The remains of Flaxford Keep are reduced to blackened piles of slag and areas of black vitreous stone. In sixty years, the site has become significantly overgrown however it is still possible to find the outlines of the octagonal courtyard to the north and the great piles of masonry, all that is left of the grat bailey to the south.

In the southeast corner of the courtyard the Well Tower outline is clear and in the base of it you can see the dark entrance that descends into the foundations.

The Foundations

Beneath the ruined keep the foundations hold a few rooms that once served as storage and other purposes. Long kept from common use, others have made them their home.

Encounters Beneath the Keep

Encounters are described here spoiler alert goes without saying.

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