Fortuna at War

The city is under a naval blockade, there are rumors of an army to the south and everyone is paranoid about enemy agents within the city. Stern Lions is coordinating much of the city's defense against enemy agents active within the city and will ask The Silk Glove if they are prepared to help. He has agents that can be deployed by the party and they will be largely autonomous, their responsibility is to entrap the most senior Hanorian agents active in the city.

The Burning Man

When the fleet of fire ships entered the docks they carried with them a cargo of animated machines that ran through the streets lighting fires where they could - these Fire Dogs were swiftly defeated but several Burning Men that went with them were more formidable. One of these was defeated by a Warforged Smith named Abel, he should be questioned about how the creature was defeated and if there are weaknesses that might be exploited.

The Price of Grease

A small fire broke out last night in a storehouse in Haymarket fortunately, whilst it burned hot and for a long time, it was contained within the basement of the building and did not spread. It would have passed unremarked except that the grease was of a kind that can only be imported from Arnia and that loss represented 80% of all of the stocks in the city.

The Last of the Glass Grinders

Nearly all of the lenses sold in Fortuna are imported from the old world. There are only two artisans that are able to work glass in this way and in the aftermath of the sacking of the docks, one of them was killed. It may have been an act of random violence or it may have been more sinister.

Breaking the Blockade

The Defiant is the only fighting ship in the city and one of the few seaworthy vessels - the Iron Council is certain that the blockade will be reinforced over the next few weeks and they want to commission the vessel to get out of the city and act on their behalf in open water. Breaking the blockade will mean facing the three ghostships that wait in the Bay of Fortuna, but wait a day longer than necessary and it may be more.

In the meantime, Captain Kreich has accepted a commission to travel to Greenhaven and offer a pardon to any vessel that is prepared to act for the Iron Council. She carries with her ambassador Oridon Of Crestfell who is upholding the interests of the city and has a broad remit to command any fleet that he can muster in the pirate harbour.

The ghostships will be very keen to recapture The Defiant however they will try to enact the blockade at all costs and will not give chase overlong if there is a risk of permitting other vessels escape. The best strategy for escape will be to assemble a flotilla of every seaworthy vessel that leaves Fortuna when the Hanorians give chase to the defiant. The Ghostships will use their dragons but will not risk losing them, limiting them to breath weapons, flyby attacks and then relying on the scorpions, ballistae and their burning men that the dragons will drop onto the deck.

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