The Lost Artisans

Encounter details

Separated from the main fleet, a pair of vessels is spotted on the high seas - one is a fighting ship, though not a significant threat - the other carries tools, fine crafting materials and artisans for the maintenance of the Hanorian automata. It is a prize worth taking and if they succeed then the party will have to decide if they are prepared to take on prisoners or undertake summary executions.

Questioning the artisans can give some solid idea of the Hanorian strategy. It is a skills challenge to extract the details from the mess of hearsay and gossip that the men are only too happy to divulge. Relevant skills are insight, history, perception, diplomacy, bluff and intimidation - the skill challenge is hard and complexity requires six successes.

Strategy Details

  • The Hanorians hope to establish an expeditionary force that includes 200 automated fighting creatures
  • They have secured some unnatural mercenary support
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