In Greenhaven

Encounter Details.

In the town the adventurers will have to first acheive the status of a Nobody, and this means proving that they are tougeher than all of the other nobodies in town. This is a skills challenge that uses any of these skills: diplomacy, bluff, intimidate, insight, perception, streetwise. None of the skills can succeed more than twice and the complexity requires eight successes. Failure costs a healing surge for each party member and at the end, count the number of intimidate rolls versus diplomacy roles, a majority in either takes the party down either a feared or respected route respectively.

If the party are going down the feared route then they will come to a confrontation with the Githyanki crew, if it is respected then it will be the necromancer. If the party have not taken one path nor the other then they will confront both crews together, regardless the fight will happen on the deck of The Blushing Maid at night.

Once the party has become a nobody, they will be able to tie up and get access to the Lower Deck, the area of Greenhaven closest to the water. From here they can get access to the several very low rent bars along the water front and discover that Tigermane occasionally frequents The Hurricane's Eye on The Hill. To get further, the party will have to demonstrate that they are a somebody, provided that they have the money and the bravery this is a less complex skills challenge, using streetwise, insight, perception and bluff they will need to get six successes with only two per skill. Each failed roll will cost 100 gold pieces or one healing surge each. If the party pay gold then this counts for the respected route, healing surges for the feared route.

Once they have made The Hurricane's Eye they will be greeted fairly cordially and invited to tell their tale. They will hear that the pirates are holed up here hiding from the defiant who has taken four ships this season already - three of them in one battle, including The Consideration, flagship to their pirate fleet. In each confrontation the captured vessels have been scuttled, and now the pirates, somewhat leaderless and rudderless, procrastinate about what to do.

The pirates form a political spectrum from moderate to hard line, with the moderates taking time to ransom or release prisoners, the moderates seeing them as a liability and executing them bloodily. At one end of the scale representing the moderates is Captain Devron Bleak also known as The Farmer for his careful husbandry of his herd, he captains The Lion Rampant. For the hard liners, Esmerelda Hood captains the Pale Princess. Most other pirate vessels under their sway, with only two other independent minded captains: Iron Jane is the ancient Warforged captain of the Look Twice and Captain William Lacey also known as The Snake is master of The Serpentine.

If the party are courteous and free with their money then they will discover that whilst the pirates know that they need to go out and ply their trade, the presence of The Defiant has them all making excuses and waiting for another ship to be the first out.

A Storm Coming

Message is received from Captain Stolon, and a after a brief conference she tells the party that she believes that a change in the wind direction means that there is a fair chance of a spot of rough weather - she wants to take advantage of the heavy weather to take The Blushing Maid back to Fortuna. The Defiant will have difficulty bringing her siege weapons to bear in high seas and her sweeps will not help her either. That means that the party have ten hours to conduct their business and be back on ship.

The party have discovered that The Dirty Blade has been conducting it's business at a place in the backwoods, an hour from Greenhaven known as Cemetery Hill. To get to it they must pass through territory controlled by the Lizardfolk - they can attempt to secure a guide and hope to avoid confrontation or they can try to sneak in.

Securing a guide is a difficult skills challenge using diplomacy, intimidate, insight, streetwise and perception however it should be presented as a moderate roll because if the party succeed at moderate but fail a difficult they will secure a guide who will lead them into ambush. Alternatively, they can make their own way and succeed in a difficult skills challenge using endurance, perception, survival and athletics to make their way without being ambushed by the same encounter.

Cemetery Hill was connected to the original settlement, and for some part of the journey the party will pass the overgrown remnants of what was a larger town fifty years ago. The slightly higher ground was chosen for a small abbey and graveyard, both of which are almost completely obscured by ivy and lianas. There are lizardfolk totems at the iron gate that still hangs drunkenly at the graveyard entrance and everything seems unnaturally quiet against the noisy jungle backdrop.

The party will first discover a recently used work area with what appears to be industrial equipment, brick racks, buckets and a large oven. There are some broken bricks and a few rotting logs cut for firewood but they have been undisturbed for at least a couple of years. Beyond, is what appears to be a great barrow, with a stone lintel and a secure iron gate blocking it. Whilst the barrow is overgrown, the growth is much newer than the established trees that strangle other areas of the graveyard. Investigating too closely will alert the ghoulish occupants of the Cemetery Hill.

Within the barrow, the tomb appears to have been undisturbed for many years, however a hard survival check will reveal that it has been carefully swept but that something heavy has passed though here leaving scuff marks. Armed with this knowledge, discovering a secret wall at the back of the tomb should not be difficult. Of course searching is made more difficult by the tomb's undead occupants.

The complex beyond the tomb has been meticulously carved from the earth and shored up with uniformly cut planks and elegantly spare brickwork. The planks still smell of resin, though given the quantity of wood that still places this construction at two years old or more. Further exploration takes the party to the animated device that created these tunnels, and if it is defeated then beyond to the storage rooms that hold the horde of weapons, the booty and the encrypted ledgers that might provide some clue as to who or what is behind this.

Storehouse Layout

The storehouse entrance is hidden behind a secret wall at the rear of the tomb, however too much heavy machinery has passed through the entrance to fully disguise it and so the architect has relied on the undead defenders to keep away inquisitive denizens. Beyond the doorway, the passageway is dark and shows few signs that it has been used in the two years since its construction. The passageway was left as an emergency exit rather than an entrance - the crew of The Dirty Blade use the hidden water gate to enter here normally.

The passage ends in a stout wooden door which when forced opens into a wide room with a barrel vaulted brick ceilings, and timbered walls. It is lit with continually flaming lanterns and appears to be a mess room and to a seasoned sailor, the hooks tell that hammocks are slung in here as well. To one side is a kitchen and storeroom, to the other another store room with many valuable though non-portable, quiescent animated machines - a historian would recognise that these are Hanorian artifacts.

Immediately ahead, a door leads into the turning passage, where the great tunneling machine was reversed into storage, the party can turn right and follow the lighted path or left into the darker storage area. Right takes them to the fortified door into the warehouse, left to the tunneler - it will engage them here, if they elect to leave the darkness behind them unexplored then they will be trapped in the corridor, however if they explore the darkness, then they have the option of retreating into the mess room.

The fortified door is locked and reinforced with a significant lock, and it will take some time to chop down or some skill to pick (Thievery DC 21). Beyond the door is the warehouse, with many crates of carefully packed weapons and armour, they bear no hallmark which the party knows is illegal in Elan (and most countries). The warehouse also has a brick lined canal leading through a brick archway out into the deep swamp beyond, though passage is blocked by an exceedingly heavy locked, steel portcullis. A longboat rests in canal's still waters, and the portcullis can easily be raised from within though a complex winching mechanism.

There is a small office leading from the warehouse and within it a strongbox that protects a pouch with three rings, a ledger, a journal and several assorted papers.

Lifting the portcullis and traveling though the canal takes the party outside through a concealed exit and into a wider dredged waterway that will deliver them back to Greenhaven.

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