Lions Den

Having performed a service for the House of Lions, the party has secured an introduction at court and so they head back to Fortuna, to attend the Lions family. What they hope to gain form the introduction is questionable but their arrival stirs some interest.

The Court of Lions

The House Lions is one of the Founding Houses and as such affords one of the largest and grandest complex of buildings in Fortuna. Known colloquially as The Lions Den, the Lions Palace dominates the skyline on the west bank of the Speedwell opposite the Palace of Voices.

The house is nominally headed by Ketrick Lions however at 73 years he has largely retired from public duties, although he is rumoured to maintain a tight grip on policy behind the scenes. The day to day business of running the household is handled by his eldest son Brenal Lions whereas the political representation is managed by his younger brother Mesmer Lions. There is little love lost between uncle and nephew and although they are outwardly polite there is a well known tension between the two camps.

The Flaxford Business

Flaxford forms part of the Lions estates and the house is responsible for the citizen's security however, since Flaxford stopped contributing significantly to the family estates since the devaluation of linen by the cotton industry. Consequently the Chancelry under Tovin of Lions is not particularly pleased to have had it's hand forced, supplying twenty heavy mercenaries to the Flaxford garrison.

There has been some considerable speculation as to what motivated the Senechal, Dain of Lions, to appoint the mercenaries in the first place. The Mayor of Flaxford had been requesting support in the matter of eradicating the goblin threat for nine months and had been rebuffed several times. It was only when the Mayor took matters into his own hands and appointed a third party that the House took notice and acted. Some have suggested that the indifference of the Household was set against the determination of the High Office.


It is likely that the arrival of the catalysts for this issue might stir up considerable interest, however the courtiers of Lions Palace, much like any others in the city have long since tired of adventurers tales. Unless the party can really spice things up, interest int their presence will soon wane.

One thing is certain however, Dain will want to keep an eye on the party and who they have dealings with. He is unlikely to take their story at face value and will be looking for clues about who their paymasters might be.

An Interview

Captain Kay of Lions has been appointed to interview the party and will choose to do so away from the curious courtiers. Unfortunately for him there are few well kept secrets at court and when he arrives with an entourage as befits his station there are a few courtiers that come along for the ride.

Teela May of Lions is Maid of Hours, a low level title that affords her a small staff and some minor responsibilities, she is also a courtesan and has come to see these bave heroes.

Stern Lions has also tagged along, though it will take a good history roll to know who he is.

What motivates all of the courtiers is largely the same, they want information because information is a commodity in which they deal. Kay is arguably doing his job although he is at pains to point out that he has no special juristiction over the party. Teela May on the other hand, lives on her wits and can only use her feminine wiles to extract what knowledge she can. Stern is only interested in seeing the party, he wishes to make a judgement about their character and see to it that he recognises them in the future.


The party are invited to form part of the evening's entertainment at court, they will be presenting as the court eats and they are likely to require some help as the task is quite daunting.

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