Night Moves

Returning triumphant from their naval victories the Silk Glove and the crew of the Storm 14 are feted by a sizeable crowd that have formed on the dockside. Amongst the citizens a keen eye can spot several friends and observers of note. Teela May and Skyblue of Lions are both there on the outskirts of a bevy of courtiers. In the midst of the courtiers is Tovin of Lions and he is in earnest discussion with a dwarf, who from his armour must be of note.

Captain Kreich presents the Silk Glove to Tovin who smiles but seems otherwise uninterested, however Teela May and Skyblue are certainly pleased to see the characters returned. There is some celebration that night.

Stones has been reassigned to the party on their return and becomes very concerned for their safety when it is discovered that for a second time someone has searched their rooms - nothing has been removed but he spends some time quizzing the landlord. In the morning, Abe discovers that whilst nothing was removed, something has been added. There is a small saucer beside his bed, in which he leaves loose change, when goes to hook out a tip for the pot boy in the morning he finds a small silver ring, in there - not particularly valuable, but nor is it his. A closer inspection of the ring reveals an inscription written in Halfling:

You are watched, come this evening to River Court, leave Stones - A friend

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