No Dungeon

The town of Desolation sits, predictably, many miles from any other civilisation at the heart of the county of Oceania. Resting on the edge of Bittermarsh, a salt marsh that marks what was once an inland sea, the town exists to mine salt and export it back to the eastern coastal areas. The citizens of Desolation are stubborn silent folk, well used to the hardships of living far from the trappings of civilisation - they mete out their own justice and by night they hide behind stout walls and shuttered and locked windows.

Some months ago, a party of youthful adventurers passed though the town looking for fame and fortune, they rested for one night bearing the unwelcoming stares of their dour hosts and then moved on. Apperently they went into Bittermarsh but nothing more was heard of them. This in itself might have gone unremarked, save that one of their number was a scion of House Crestfell and she was missed.

A bounty was posted and a second party of adventurers, better equipped and more seasoned was dispatched. Again, they failed to return from the marhsland, but these fellows had some friends of influence, and within a week of their passing, a detatchment of the four score veteran infantrymen arrived, garrisoned themselves in Desolation, set up a picket and went about the business of mounting a rescue expedition. A week has passed since the last communication.

Desolation is a walled town set on a bluff that overlooks a dry riverbed that in winter swells to feed the marsh. Within the walls wooden framed buildings line a central rotunda and between them and the walls are the salt working machinery that dries, crushes and cleans their principal export. The single tavern is named the Mermaid, and it has a common room to offer the visiting adventurers but little more.


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