The party remain in the town for a few days establishing what can be done with Moonblade, a vampire spy master will come sniffing them out, he is supported by two other vampires. Their goal is to establish the truth of certain rumours and to test the strength of the foe.

Vampire Spy Master, 7, Stealth, Assassination, Awareness, Undead
2 Vampire Agents, 5, Stealth, Undead

If they are able to get away then there will be a rapid response from the Lord of the Reach, governor of this area.

Lord of the Reach, 8, Themoancer, Lich, Undead
Dread Steed, 5, Unyielding, Undead
5, Vampire Cohort, 5, Armoured, Undead
24, Wight Archers, 3, Undead
24, Wight Spearmen, 3, Undead

The Lord of the Reach is able to command the thresholders to do his will, though by this time their may be fewer of them.

It is clear to Sir Esteban that word will have been sent to the authorities in Benessador and even Silent Mountain, enemies will come thick and fast now and it would be better for them and the remaining citizens of Paternoster if they move out.

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