Reinvesting The Keep

As the party emerge from The Highway to overlook Tine Vale they find themselves close to the ruins of Flaxford Keep looking north across the valley towards the town of Flaxford. It is clear that the battle has already begun and that whilst there has been at least a day of fighting it is by no means over.

The Hanorian army have come north through Cockerel Pass to the south of Flaxford and continued across the floor of the valley in a long column at the heart of which are two great engines. In the valley the forces of Fortuna have met them in what appears to have been an extremely mobile engagement in which there have been no clear victors.

Anyone with a military background or a decent History roll can see that the friendly forces have certainly not been engaging in a traditional rather simple minded strategy. Evidence of their success is clear in the piles of blackened steel that litter the landscape. However what is equally clear is that it is only a matter of time - the human forces cannot sustain this level of combat over an extended period whereas the Hanorian animae are tireless.

The town of Flaxford appears to have been sacked - little remains of it save a smoking ruin - there is a thin line of refugees heading north but either the majority fled yesterday or there has been a very significant loss of life.

At the moment it appears that the majority of the infantry are drawn into two blocks that are fighting mixed Hanorian units in a running combat, with the Elan infantry being pushed back in ordered retreat into the lines of the bulk of their artillery. Perceptive onlookers can see however that the ground they are retreating through is marshland which is slowing progress.

Meanwhile closer to hand at the foot of the pinnacle that once held Flaxford Keep a lightweight cavalry and mounted crossbow division is attacking a group of large animae that have pinned a tight knot of forces at the base of the cliffs. On the top of the keep hidden from the forces below there are a group of signallers who are observing the battle.

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