Return to Flaxford Keep

Six months have passed since three heroes were sent as a favour to the Reeve of Flaxford. They were given a poor welcome by the council of the town who saw the three graduates as too green to face the newly established blueface goblin tribe. The recruits pursuaded the council that they were up to the task, but as is often the case with graduates of the academies of Fortuna, their reach fell short of their grasp.

The three returned secretly after the first expedition with the body of the ranger Sylvie, but unbowed, the following day they returned, two against the fearsome Blueface tribe. They were never heard from again.


In the intervening moths the Blueface Goblins have established a much firmer foothold, the citizens of Flaxford are now living in fear of the goblin presence. Several of the outlying farmsteads have been destroyed and there are many refugees taking shelter in the town. Consequently the arrival of the party is greeted with some celebration in place of the grudging acceptance the previous visit.

This time the adventurers have been drawn by the promise of a bounty and whilst the purse is potentially very large, they have travelled for nearly a week to be here and may be initially skeptical as to whether this is worth the risk. The Mayor of the town attreacted some approbation for the poor treatment of the Student Heroes that he sent to his death previously and this time is keen to ensure that he party is seen to be getting the full support of the town. Consequently he will make considerable efforts to ensure that when (before witnesses) they are offered the support of the garrison they will turn down the help and insist on going alone.

In order to try and force the issue with the garrison, Captain Galman, leader of the guard will absent for the inspection of the garrison, and a portly deputy will introduce them to a scratch garrison largely made up of elderly farmers and their grandsons. A decent insight roll (DC 15) might detect that something is amiss and some questioning might reveal that Captain Galman is out on patrol with half a dozen professional guardsmen.

As part of the itinerary the party will be introduced to some of the refugees and discover that the goblins appear to be taking prisoners in their raids and are using dire wolves to round up people and livestock. They will be asked to return with news of several missing family members. A few names stick in the memory, Hans Hanssen is a councilman and farm owner he and all of his kin have been taken. The Copper twins, Ursula and Ulrica attract a reward of 200gp for their return, and the Landlord of the Phoenix Inn, Djin Cutter, the guide for the first group of adventurers has also gone missing.

Council Meeting

Within the evening meeting, before the council and citizens of Flaxford, the party will be formerly invited to run out the Blueface clan. A skill contest to agree a fee before the citizens will use diplomacy, bluff and intimidation to secure agreement on the purse. The purse is 5gp per goblin plus rights on all bounty, any rewards that the villagers choose to agree and a discretionary completion bonus of up to 1000gp dependent on the will of the council. However a failure in the contest means that the party are seen as opportunist mercanries out to get what they can from the towns misfortune, a success hails them as heroes of Flaxford.


Without Djin to guide them, the party will have to make their way as best they can through the rough terrain that skirts the outside of Blueface scouting area and approaches from the hills.

Encounters are here (spoilers follow).

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