Return To Tine Vale

Before leaving, Stern Lions gives speaks with The Silk Glove.

Listen well, I shall tell you now of a place, you must recount this place in as much detail as you can recall. Do not embellish these words - my father will be able to decipher a message in the content - but add detail and he will get the wrong message.

At my childhood home there is an orchard that grows the finest apples in Morst. They are a golden colour and have a sharp taste that grows sweeter as the nights draw in. At the foot of the orchard there are beehives and as the harvest approaches the orchard is filled with their sound as the windfalls foam in the sun. The bee-keepers say that the sweetest cider carries the taste of bee stings.

I place the Covenant in your hands now, tell him what you have told me and he will revoke it, as I would had I the power to do so.

The party can be guided by Lucan along the Highway to Tine Vale they will not have the opportunity to rest before leaving unless they can use a ritual to permit it. When they leave, they will be followed by the Rakshasa however, not as part of the mercenary duties, these have been discharged with the marine invasion. Rather, they are doing it for revenge after getting their nose bloodied.

They have great skill in tracking of course but then Lucan should be pretty good in avoiding their trail so there is an opposed skills challenge to ease the encounter difficulty. A significant part of the descent into Tine Vale should follow the River Tine and battling in the rapids should make for an exciting and shifting battlefield.

The party face A Rakshasa Noble, two archers and two wariors plus up to three more warriors depending on how many fails in a nature, endurance, perception based skills challenge they get.

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