Rotting Glades

The pirates have been coming to Green Bay on The Anvil peninsular, where the lizardfolk have been acting for a necromancer, trading captives for obedient skeleton minions. The pirates have been arming the minions with shortbows and using them to gain considerable advantage in taking prizes from the merchant fleets of Fortuna.

The lizardfolk are not very keen to confront any threat directly but if the party make their way ashore then the lizardfolk, when alerted by their spies watching the bay will send a war party. There will be a period of several hours grace however as the Lizardfolk abandoned their village in the area some months after the necromancer moved in.

The party should discover fairly quickly that the lizardfolk have abandoned the area, and having seen a departing war canoe, may realise that the lizardfolk are not living that near. Having discovered the abandoned village it is worth emphasising the generally desolate feel to the jungle.

The path to the necromancer's lair is well signposted with Lizardfolk fetishes and totems. The entrance is set amidst the piles of rock and earth cut by his skeleton minions from the sandstone caves that he has commanded built. The engineering shows little imagination, nor skill in direction and in some places there is evidence that the inexpertly dug tunnels have collapsed purely through poor workmanship.

Encounter details are here spoilers abound.

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