Spectre of War

Hurrying through the fog towards the sound of combat, arrive at Storm 14 and all has become quiet - the battle is over and the deck strewn with bodies of the fallen. There appear to a mixture of the dead and dying crew members and a great many lizardfolk - the strange thing is that the corpses of the lizardfolk are pierced with many arrows.

Here's what happened - As the thick fogbank descended, the lizardfolk swam out to the ship and stormed it - butchering the on-watch and taking maybe half the complement captive. At about the same time, the elven privateer, The Iris, spied what it thought was a pirate vessel at anchor in Green Bay. It's captain Laurelin Starmaster from his position out to sea, had predicted that a fogbank moving from the east would come over the point of the bay taking the Storm 14 unawares. He elected to come at her through the fog and take her by surprise. However on arrival he found that in the first instance she was a friendly vessel and in the second instance she was overrun with Lizardfolk.

The crew of The Iris well used to ship to ship combat used their longbows to devastating effect. The party will meet Captain Starmaster and his crew recovering arrows from the fallen.

The party hear of how The Iris has been taking prizes along the coast using their archers with devastating effect, and they are now returning to Fortuna with their three prizes (having scuttled another two because they could not spare the crew). The crew are dues shore-leave and many wish to return to their kin - furthermore they are almost out of arrows.

On returning to Fortuna the reception is very hostile as the party discover that following a series of atrocities committed by the elves, Elan is now in a state of war with the Elven nation. Laurelin Starmaster is taken prisoner, The Iris is impounded and it is only at the intervention of House Lions that the party do not join them.

Waiting at Lions Palace the place is evidently very busy - no one is prepared to speak with the party and whilst their bounty is paid by some junior clerk they are not granted an audience with anyone senior. Eventually they receive a short message from Teela May of Lions:

Yours is not the most politic of company right now, take a break in the country.

Whilst at the palace, the party also witness the beautiful Eve Palfrey struggling and failing to get attention for her plight. She is tryng to get word of her brother Shevek Palfrey who was on House Lions business in elven territory and from whom there has been no word - she does not know if he lives or not and is trying in vain to get word of him.

As they leave the palace, Eve will approach the party and ask directly if they have any way of getting the Marshall's office to attend her plight.

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